Lucy Montgomery Collection

Blue and Cream Stripe Linen Placemats (Set of 2)



Introducing the Blue and Cream Striped Placemats from Lucy Montgomery's acclaimed table linen collection – a harmonious blend of coastal charm and elegant design. These placemats are more than just functional additions to your table; they embody the spirit of leisurely seaside gatherings and the joy of meals shared with friends and family.

The choice of a soothing blue paired with classic cream stripes captures the essence of the ocean's tranquility and the serene beaches that inspire Lucy Montgomery's designs. The blue stripes evoke the calming hues of the sea, while the cream offers a soft, neutral balance, making these placemats perfect for a variety of dining occasions. From casual brunches to formal dinners, they add a touch of sophistication and a whisper of nautical charm to your table setting.

Crafted with attention to detail and quality, each placemat is handmade in Australia, showcasing the beauty of artisanal workmanship. The use of the finest Belgian linen not only gives these placemats a luxurious feel and texture but also ensures their durability and longevity, allowing them to be cherished for years to come.

Generously proportioned, the Blue and Cream Striped Placemats provide ample space for your tableware, while also serving as a protective and decorative element for your table. These placemats are a true testament to Lucy Montgomery's commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with practicality.

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