Pasta Sauce with Chilli


Close your eyes and imagine this: Sun-drenched tomatoes, plucked at their peak of ripeness, simmered in a slow dance with fiery chilies. Basil whispers secrets of summer gardens, while olive oil adds a smooth caress. This, my friend, is Stefano's Pasta Sauce with Chilli – a taste that will transport you to sun-kissed Italian meadows and leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

More than just heat, this sauce is a symphony of flavors. It's not your average fiery concoction. It's a dance on the palate, a gentle nudge from the chilies balanced by the sweetness of the tomatoes and the aromatic embrace of basil. But don't be fooled by its subtlety – it packs a punch that will leave you wanting more.

But this sauce is a chameleon, a culinary shapeshifter. It's not just for pasta!

  • Dive into a bowl of fresh black mussels, their briny sweetness enhanced by the sauce's smoky heat, garlic's depth, and parsley's freshness.

  • Transform white wine and fresh garlic into an irresistible broth, perfect for poaching delicate seafood, crumbling feta, and vibrant herbs.

  • Give your stuffed seasonal vegetables a flavor fiesta. Baked in this sauce, they'll sing with newfound vibrancy.


  • Sun-ripened tomatoes (95%) – the hero of the show, bursting with sweetness and sunshine.

  • Extra virgin olive oil – its smooth caress binds the flavors together.

  • Onions – adding depth and complexity.

  • Fresh basil – whispering of summer gardens.

  • A touch of fiery chilies – the gentle nudge that awakens your senses.

  • Salt – to bring all the flavors into harmony.

This is not just a sauce, it's an experience. It's a taste of Stefano's passion for good food, for fresh ingredients, and for sharing the joy of a delicious meal. So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Add Stefano's Pasta Sauce with Chilli to your cart and get ready to embark on a flavor adventure!

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