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Beetroot Relish



Tall Poppy Gourmet Beetroot Relish: A Burst of Bold Flavor for the Adventurous Foodie

Imagine this: you slice into a juicy burger, its aroma mingling with the tangy promise of adventure. That's where our Zesty Beetroot Relish comes in, a vibrant symphony of sweet, earthy beetroot and a touch of zesty spice, ready to dance on your taste buds.

This small-batch, handcrafted relish is bursting with sun-ripened beetroot, sourced fresh from the rolling hills of the Southern Highlands, NSW. We don't mess with artificial flavors or preservatives here at Tall Poppy Gourmet. We believe in letting real, whole ingredients speak for themselves, and our beetroot sings loud and clear.

Spoon it onto a juicy burger, swirl it into creamy yoghurt for a delightful dip, or transform your humble cheese platter into a gourmet experience. Its versatile charm knows no bounds, adding a pop of color and flavor to everything it touches.

Warning: Our customers often confess that one taste leads to another, and another, until the jar is empty. But don't worry, we won't judge.

Key Features

  • 100% Australian, family-owned heritage.
  • Gluten free.
  • Preservative free.
  • 275 grams.
  • Packaged in glass jar with black lid.

Go ahead, embrace the bold, the flavorful, the downright delicious. Add Tall Poppy Gourmet Beetroot Relish to your cart today and let the adventure begin!

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