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Oversized Wine Bucket



Indulge in the opulence of Parisian elegance right in your home with the L’Hotel Du Mon Embellished Silver Wine Bucket by French Country Collections. This exquisite piece isn't just a wine bucket; it's a statement of sophistication and a nod to grand Parisian style. With its expansive oval base and meticulously crafted intricate bead detailing, this wine bucket is more than just functional—it's a work of art that will elevate the ambiance of your kitchen and living area.

Picture this stunning pail in your home, adding a touch of glamour to your entertaining space. The L’Hotel Du Mon wine bucket is not just about keeping your wine chilled; it's about creating memorable experiences and lasting impressions.

Key Features

  • Material: Constructed from 100% aluminium, this wine bucket is both durable and lightweight. The raw nickel finish adds a lustrous sheen that catches the light and the eye, making it a magnificent centerpiece.
  • Design: The grand Parisian-inspired design is accentuated with intricate bead detailing.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 50cm in length, 38cm in width, and 23cm in height, it’s the perfect size to hold multiple wine bottles, ensuring your guests are well catered for throughout your event.

Care Instructions

  • Usage: For indoor use only. While designed to make a statement, this wine bucket is also built for practicality. However, it’s not intended to hold water or ice for more than 8 hours, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its condition.
  • Maintenance: Wipe with soft dry cloth. The occasional application of clear wax like Liberon will help preserve the finish of the surface.

Owning the L’Hotel Du Mon Embellished Silver Wine Bucket is not just about serving wine; it's about embracing a lifestyle of elegance and luxury. It's about transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. 

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