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Nourish and Grow Sourdough Bark


Nourish & Grow Sourdough Bark

Nourish & Grow - Sourdough Bark are a super crisp and flavoursome bark made using a live sourdough culture and premium bread flour. The dough is rolled twice, giving it strength and extra crunch, before being sprinkled with Australian sea salt, spices, dry herbs or citrus zest, complementing the taste experience.
Sourdough Bark can be enjoyed on its own as a light savoury snack or become the carrier of your gourmet finger food. A popular way of eating them is topped with a good wedge of double cream brie or ricotta and Nourish & Grow - Caramelised Beetroot Relish – a perfect match; not only in taste but colour combo too. But it doesn't stop there. They are striking on a cheese or grazing platter if left whole for family or guests to break themselves; making an interesting conversation piece. Children love them too, so ideal for an after-school snack or tucked into lunch boxes.

The Old Man Saltbush Variety is picked fresh from our rural property Glenace, dehydrated to capture the salty herb and earthy flavours, then gently ground ready for use on the sourdough bark.
Baked in small batches to retain its rustic appearance, flavour and nutrition. Each piece is handmade using quality natural ingredients and is free of preservatives.
Love and care does make every bite taste special.
Serves 4 - Net weight of product 180g
Varieties: Zesty Lemon & Roasted Garlic, Thyme & Oregano, Rosemary & Roasted Garlic, Australian Sea Salt, Old Man Saltbush and Combination of all Flavours.

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