Tall Poppy Gourmet

Chilli Onion Jam



Indulge in the bold flavors of the Chilli Onion Jam by Tall Poppy Gourmet. This jam is a true testament to culinary craftsmanship, perfect for those who relish a spicy edge. The jam ingeniously combines the fiery zest of fresh chillies with the luscious sweetness of slow-cooked onions, creating a harmonious blend that dances on the taste buds.

The Chilli Onion Jam is versatile and can elevate a variety of dishes. Whether you're spreading it over a warm slice of toast, using it as a glaze for meats, or adding a dollop to your cheese platter, this jam is guaranteed to add depth and excitement to your meals. It's the perfect accompaniment for those who enjoy a gourmet touch in their everyday dining.

Tall Poppy Gourmet, a proud 100% Australian, family-owned gem, is nestled in the picturesque Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Renowned for their commitment to quality and taste, they specialize in crafting small-batch artisanal delights that truly capture the essence of homemade goodness. Their dedication to using only the finest ingredients ensures that each jar of Chilli Onion Jam is not just a condiment but an experience.

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